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02. Benefits of borosilicate glass Borosilicate glass

Apr 24, 2018


                            02.Benefits of borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass can handle both extreme heat and cold, making it very popular for laboratory glassware and other scientific instruments. It also has a reduced rate of thermal expansion, which can make it useful for things like telescopes and other high precision lenses where the surface of the lens must be very even to get a clear image.

The glass is also resistant to chemical corrosion, which can be extremely useful for experiments and chemical storage. Although all glass tends to be fairly chemical resistant, this variety is able to handle extremely volatile chemicals, along with nuclear waste.

In addition to being found in scientific labs, borosilicate glass can also be seen in windows, high-end lighting, cookware, and some other applications. As a general rule, products made with it will be more expensive than those made with ordinary glass, because these products require greater heat and more labor to produce.