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02.Imprving good quality with frosted glass ball lamp

May 28, 2019

                                  02.Imprving good quality with frosted glass ball lamp

In order to make the frosted effect on the surface of the glass lampshades, there are two ways to achieve it, the one way is though chemical liquid, the other way is sandblasting.


First, Though chemical solution, which we also called acid process, just put the formed glass lampshades into a special chemical liquid for some time, then pick them out to cool it dry, the frosted effect is formed, which is widely used in glass factories, which is rather cheap comparing to sandblasting glass items.  


Second, the sandblasting glass is formed by a material mixed of emery jetting on the glass surface by high-pressure, which is of a grinding process. Sandblasting glass, which suitable to the thick wall glass items, not suitable for very thin wall glass items.


If you want to make a frosted effect glass lampshades, please take care to choose it according to your purpose.