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02.Let's talk about the origin of glass tea

Jan 16, 2018

                                       Glass tea history

Glass, the ancients referred to as flow glass or glass, it is a colored translucent mineral. Tea sets made of this material can give a bright, shiny feeling. China glaze making technique although it started earlier, but it was not until the Tang dynasty, with the increase of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, Western glass constantly for the incoming, China began firing glazed tea sets. Fufeng County of Shaanxi Province by Emperor xizong unearthed in famen dedicated to face the foot rim is light yellow colored glass tea light and plain light yellow glass saucer, is an authentic Chinese glass tea sets, while the styling of the original decorative simplicity, texture blending, transparency is low, but that glass tea sets have already started in the Tang dynasty in China, at the time called the Pearl. Tang Yuan Zhenceng poetry in praise of glass, saying it is "coloured with ice, nothing separated dust. Like feast unseen, jade will be. " No wonder when the famen Temple pagoda Buddhist relics enshrined during the Tang dynasty, glass tea set also included an image of something.

Although the glass components, and value luxury, but mainly in the production of glass art, only a small amount of tea products, has not formed a glass tea sets of scale production.