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04. Free-Blowing

Nov 30, 2017

There are two major methods to do glassblowing, including free-blowing and mold blowing. Now, let’s learn about the first method, free-blowing. Free-blowing keeps its pre-eminent position in glassforming area. Nowadays, it is still widely used as a glassforming technique, especially in art.

The process of free-blowing includes a “gather”, that means the glassblowers blow short puffs of air into a molten portion of glass, which has been spooled at one end of the blowpipe. The glassblower can inflate the molten glass to a coherent blob, and work it into a desired shape.

A skilled glassblower can shape almost any forms by rotating the pipe, swinging it and controlling the temperature of the piece while he blows. He can produce lots of glass objects, from drinking cups to window glass.