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05.Vintage explosion proof glass lampshades

Jan 20, 2018

Vintage explosion proof glass lampshades are designed specifically for use in areas where dangerous flammable, explosive or otherwise volatile gases, vapor, liquids and materials are or may be present.We are just in this line for years.

The material of explosion proof glass lampshades is borosilicate glass and with tempered finished! The tempered glass lampshades, are of 4-5 stress stronger than normal glass, and it is safe glass when broken, no harm to skin!

The are many designs, such as tube, dome, hat shapes etc.Please find some as below photo:


For some special need, we also could spray the colors on them:


The size could be from dia10cm-dia100cm, you just need offer us the drawing, and tell us the detailed demand, next job is for us, we could send the sample for quality checking,then talk about the bulk goods issue. 

Welcome your inquiries!