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06. advantages of pcled lamp shades and glass ones

Aug 03, 2019

The advantages of glass lamp shades: glass lamp shades have pervious to light good, high temperature does not have gas to develop, do not fade yellow, weather resistance and pervious to light rate tall advantage, can choose inside and outside to besmete, grind arenaceous, vacuum coating film, grind arenaceous plating aluminium, electrostatic spray, gush color to wait for coloring craft.Suitable for interior decoration and lighting.For now, all high-end LED indoor lamps are made of glass lampshades.

The advantages of PC lampshades: the product is light (density is less than glass), not easy to break (less damage), choose imported PC raw materials 5-10 years basic do not change color, color diversity, anti-aging, strong weather resistance (resistance to strong wind, snow and ice impact), is a large square, the main road, central park, landscape lights preferred products.