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06.Daily maintenance of glass lampshade maintenance tips

Nov 02, 2019

1, if you find a crack in the glass chandelier lampshade, do not panic, first take it down to see if the crack will not affect the use, if it is only a slight crack, in the case of not affecting the use and safety performance can continue to use for a period of time.

2, if the crack is larger, more cracks, first take it down, put in a safe place, and then go to buy a new glass lampshade to replace it.

3, if considering the cost of replacing a new glass lampshade, you can consider the repair of it, for less heated position can use 502 quick adhesive bonding, for more important and more heated place to use uv glass glue repair, because 502 too much heat easy to fail.

4, if glass chimney often gives a problem to be able to choose to buy the chimney that heat resisting sex is tall plastic material qualitative, the chimney of plastic material qualitative also can be some safer relatively, price respect is not expensive also.

5, the lampshade every other period of time can carry out a clear ash, in the clear ash can check the use of the lampshade, if found damaged can be replaced in a timely manner.