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06.Effect of high borosilicate glass

Nov 09, 2019

The value and depth of tin infiltration on the bottom surface of borosilicate float glass have great influence on the quality of float glass and the further processing of glass.

Compared with high borosilicate glass and sodium-calcium silicon glass, if the temperature of the tin tank front increases by about 300℃, the vapor pressure of the tin increases 142 times.In float glass production high borosilicate glass, glass as if in a tin in the steam bath, at the same time, due to the production of high borosilicate glass temperature raised several baidu, the activity of tin ion increases greatly, tin ion penetration to the glass surface, greatly enhance the ability of permeability greatly increase the possibility of tin, tin permeability of the glass surface properties change is bigger, the influence of this is one of the problems that need to be solved by float glass technology.