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Aug 17, 2019

Glass blowing is an ancient and expensive glass forming technology. The blow-maker holds a hollow iron tube about 1.5M long, one end of which is dipped in glass liquid (material picking) from the furnace and the other end is a blowing nozzle.After picking the material, roll the spoon on the rolling plate (bowl).Blowing, forming glass bubble, blowing products in touch, or free blowing without mold, finally knock off from the blow pipe.Finally, it is cooled and formed.The bubbles produced in the hand-blown glass of tea set are normal and exist on all hand-blown glassware. It is also an important feature that distinguishes hand-made glassware from machine-made glassware by naked eyes.

In the process of hand-made glass, because of the slow flow of hot glass paste, the air between the glass blocks, because it cannot surface and naturally formed bubbles, artists to bubble to show the life texture of glass, and become part of the appreciation of glass art!