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06.What's the process of manufacturing the glass lampshade

Aug 31, 2019

1, Take material

Pick up the preheated pipe, the depth of 1300 degrees of crucible furnace, not too much, not too little.A well-placed mass of hot glass, attached to the blowpipe with the heat, sunglasses, headband, fully armed, ready to turn your blowpipe over and over again.

2, Molding

Will take the material into the mold, luck, through the iron pipe to blow air into the glass, out.

3, Edge grinding

The edge of high-quality glass will not cut your hand if you touch it. Of course, the price of the product will be different due to the increase of this process, because this process has a lot of loss.

4, Annealing

The glass cannot be allowed to cool by itself, because when its surface shrinks due to air cooling, the interior expands due to heat preservation. Rapid cooling will lead to uneven pressure and cracking.