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Advantages as a new product in the Cup the glass glass drinking tea has become the best tea

Oct 21, 2016

Particularly for brewing tea, tea set crystal clear, not only suitable for viewing and tea is the best. Glass cups cheap, popular with consumers, the glass has the following advantages:
1, material: cups made of high quality Pyrex crystal glass tube processing, highly transparent, abrasion resistant, smooth surface, easy to clean, health hygiene;
2 structure: the body generally have the Cup cover and double insulation design, not only to maintain the BREW temperature, not hot to the touch, easy to drink;
3, technology: high temperature firing from more than 600 degrees, strong adaptability to temperature, instantaneous temperature is-20 ° c-150 ° c not burst.
4, health: food grade standards, can be displayed and temperatures above 100 degrees hot water, tea, beverage such as carbonated, fruit acids, Malic acid erosion-resistant, no smell no odor.
5, leak-proof: outer layer within the cover and seal in accordance with medical grade safety standards, effective leak.
6, suitable for tea: green tea, black tea, Pu-Erh tea, jasmine tea, craft, such as tea, fruit tea, color panoramic view, enhance quality of life.
7, tea contains caffeine, tannin, vitamin c, amino acid, catechin, flavonoids and phenols and other chemical ingredients, tea glasses, not suitable for use with stainless steel tea glass cups tea, stainless steel chemical reactions will occur, glass black, bad for your health, so do not buy or try not to use stainless steel Tea Cup.