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Brewing green tea should be preferred glass tea set!

Oct 21, 2016

Why is the preferred glass of brewed green tea tea? Such as green tea and Oolong tea Tieguanyin, differ, it is a light tea varieties, so the performance requirements for its flavor of the tea is very high, although the teapot was tea, use more types of tea, but its performance is far worse than the glass for green tea aroma tea. Small below give you detailed analysis about benefits of using glass tea set to BREW green tea.
First, glass tea set can completely do not absorb any efficiency of tea, sweet and excellent, which originally belonged to a light-flavored green tea, can effectively guarantee the taste of tea is not affected. Glass tea set has the advantage, because glass tea set is a smooth, pore-free tea service and, therefore, does not absorb the tea to green tea.
Secondly, glass tea sets have good transparency. When using this glass tea brewed green tea, can clearly see the tea soothes, stretch, floating and sinking slowly changing dance, adds a fun tea to tea drinkers.
Finally, glass tea set high temperature performance provides a strong guarantee for brewing tea, its high temperature resistance is very prominent, and its use of high boron silicon glass produced, and production through a complex set of processes, glass tea set can withstand the highest temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius. In addition, glass tea set to withstand the temperature range of-20 degrees Celsius-150 degrees Celsius, we don't have to worry, glass tea set will burst because of instantaneous temperature phenomena.
That's why BREW green tea should be preferred glass tea set, glass tea set good fragrance, ornamental as well as high temperature resistance, is your best choice for brewing green tea!