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Difference between analysis of glass lamp shades and plastic lamp shade

Oct 21, 2016

In our life, we can see all kinds of glass lamp shades, but they have plenty of different materials, such as glass shade and plastic lampshades, so what's different about them? let us know!
Glass lamp shades
Optical glass materials advantages: rich characteristics of optical parameters (optional), with a high rate of transmission (3mm penetration 97%), and high temperature resistance characteristics;
Cons: bulky mass, shape, single, fragile, mass production is not easy to achieve, low productivity and high costs. But the current high price of production equipment, difficult to deploy in the short term. In addition glass is PMMA, PC material brittle faults, still needs more research and exploration, to now have an improved process, can only upgrade by coating or tempered glass shatterproof properties, although after these processes, light transmittance of glass lenses would be reduced, but still far more than the regular light transmittance of optical plastic lens effect.
PS: glass used in LED are prone to significant glare
Plastic Lampshade
A. Optical-grade Polycarbonate (the PC) polycarbonate.
B. plastic materials,
Advantages: high efficiency (can be done by injection molding, extrusion) and slightly lower transmittance (3mm penetration rate around 89%)
Disadvantage: the temperature should not exceed 110 ° (heat deflection temperature of 135 degrees).