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Coffee Cup for Hot Drinking of China Manufacture

Jun 26, 2017

The coffee cup material has many kinds in the market, such as pottery, porcelain and stainless steel. Pocerlain and pottery is made from burning. The pottery texture is rough and have little water absortion bility. If the glaze falling, that part is easy to wash off contamination. Porcelain texture is very well and the price will be much higher. 

1 Ceramic cup is simple, compares with cups is mellow, respectively mark the different attitudes of coffee. 

2 Kylix: high quality, deep baking and the taste for strong coffee.


3 china:the most common material, can interpret the mellow of coffee. Among them, with high clay and mixed animal bone to make china coffee cup.Light texture, soft colour, high density,heat insulation and all this can make the temparature in the coffee cup decreased more slowly.This is the best way to perform the coffee flavor.