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Don't ignore glass shade decorative effect

Oct 21, 2016

Light shade in addition to shielding, for bulb protection function, it also has a function members are the most neglected, it's decorative. Shades of color and shape match the good as well as housing in a scene, to give people enjoyment. This is a very "Supreme Governor" of the role!

Shade selection is a personal hobby and home conditions.

One is coordinated lampshades and wall colors. As milk-yellow walls topped with yellow shades, coordinated warm sky blue walls topped with pale blue shades, looks clear and fresh.

Second, the lampshades and wall colors using a contrasting color, because shades are quite small, use contrasting colors to make it prominent, resulting in jumping.

When selecting a desk lamp, also to consider is to coordinate with the base color. Such as dark red base with a Crimson or brown shades, is one. Here is not advocating the use of contrasting colors, such as contrasting colors make people feel the illusion of lights in two. Should also be taken into account when choosing the color of the light and shade colors may well at the beginning, but when the lights, under the changes in the light, the color will change to some extent, so that when we choose, be sure to turn on the light after watching the results, before deciding to buy.