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Glass lamp shade design what are the requirements?

Oct 21, 2016

Glass shade without too much modification, white and chrome and white polka dots, color bold contrast with the white background, hidden a little passionate beauty, real magic, capricious. Glass lamp shade design what are the requirements?
Translucent glass is what we commonly referred to as lamp shades, which generally have many wrinkles and ribs, can be considered a combination of lenses and prisms. Light, the "fold" will play a role, by refraction of the portion of the beam across the sides and front of the vehicle on the road, in order to increase the illuminated area of the lamp. In addition, in the shade outside of functional requirements, design, there are important is aesthetics, designers will definitely play a finishing touch effect.
Light the lightness and flexibility of feeling completely out of glass lamp shades randomly placed in a basket suspended in the air, pure white color with the magic in the air gave it a light texture, freedom and romance.
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