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Glass Lampshade production process, what does?

Oct 21, 2016

Glass lamp shades we have seen, its style is varied, but do you understand how glass Lampshade production process? let us know!
Reclaimer. Preheated for blowing, at 1300 Crucible Furnace, pay attention, not too much, nor too little. Just a ball of hot glass, heat on the torch, sunglasses, scarf, heavily armed, ready to turn the Blowpipe, over and over again.
Molding. Will get the material into the mould, luck, through iron pipes will be blown into the glass, stay out.
Edging. High quality glass edge hand touch will not cut hand, this process is also quite special, product price will be the same.
Annealing. Cool the glass, not naturally, because of its surface when the air cools and contracts, internal expansion due to retain heat, rapid cooling can easily lead to cracking the glass.
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