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Glass pot of tea for the crowd

Oct 21, 2016

Teapot tea set suitable for: all friends need tea gifts, business, gift, promotional, supermarkets, major electrical appliance manufacturers, the elderly, leadership, men, women, coworkers, youth, couples, adolescents, students, the middle-aged.

Glass teapot tea set for gift-giving purposes: public relations gifts, advertising, Conference gifts, points redemption gifts, awards, and holiday gifts, business gifts.

Glass teapot tea set designed gift-giving occasion: business gifts, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, the staff welfare, trade shows, anniversary celebrations, Chinese new year, father's day, Thanksgiving, mother's day, public relations planning, teacher's day, opening ceremony, Festival and other major holidays and festive days.

Glass product use and maintenance:
 Bowls with cold, cold dishes, kettles, coffee pots, glass teapot, tea glass, the glass gets dirty easily. General glassware in after using with detergent to scrub it. If you are using a long, the accumulation of stains, then scrubbing with fine cloth dampened with a household cleanser repeatedly, or wipe with a fine cloth dipped in warm vinegar, decontamination will be better.
 If stain is not a lot on the teapot, coffee pot, thirst of tea residue into the bottle, then add half a bottle of water, cover caps, if not covered or blocked bottle by hand, up and down, let the slag-washing bottles and tea stains, and can achieve better cleaning results. After treating the stain, rinse with clear ice, they become clean as new.
 Bubble tea glasses, tea pot, often a layer of Brown chagou, it is difficult to wash. If you gently scrub with a cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste, or scrubbing with baking soda, will soon be able to wash and do not damage the glass surface. Plus you can dip it in salt scrub, the effect is very good