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Glass tea cup-the modern pursuing fashion choices

Oct 21, 2016

Most people like to drink tea, but when brewing tea, a good cup is essential. In the tea market, more popular now is not difficult to find glass cups, one of the reasons is this type of glass cups, in sports or give you convenient, can also give us a kind of aesthetic enjoyment.
Glass cup of material:
According to marketing people rarely say, now that a new glass cup is loved by young people, especially office workers. Because the processes of glass cups when using relatively easy, and it is able to meet their taste in fashion. According to tea specialist we learned that this glass cup with a special glass material, has excellent heat resistance and stability. Using a glass cup for tea brewing, making tea aroma more pure, and it is able to process directly on a glass cup in the alcohol stove heating.
Glass cups liner:
Glass cups on the market, mostly inside, these designs are intended to be able to show the beauty of glass cups, glass cup for this process, is designed specifically for all of us, are small, and can be used separately.
Glass cups environmental protection:
Glass cups either production or use in the process, are able to adhere to the concept of environmental protection. Glass cups when in use will not cause water pollution, human health requirements.