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05. How to better clean and storage the glass teapot

Mar 16, 2018

How to better clean and storage the glass teapot? As usual, there are 4 steps, you could enjoy your tea for long long time.

Step 1    

      Empty the pot of tea and spent leaves.

Step 2

      Use a gentle dishwashing soap and warm water to wash the interior and exterior of the pot. You may find it easier to clean the spout with a small bottle brush. Because glass is less porous than porcelain, your glass teapot is unlikely to become stained, especially if you do not allow cold tea to stand in the pot for long periods of time.

Step 3

      Best to allow the teapot to air dry if possible. This prevents your next pot of tea from being contaminated with towel lint.

Step 4

      Store the teapot in its original packaging for optimum safety. If this is not possible, ensure that the tea pot is stored in a place where it cannot accidentally be brushed from the shelf, and where other dishes will not knock against the spout or handle.

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