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Ways and means to clean glass shade

Oct 21, 2016

Ceiling lamps and chandeliers, available light cotton socks or double turn over the hand towels in hand, gently wipe. Lamp shade shapes and textures, there are different cleaning methods:
Frosted glass shade: use soft cloth for cleaning glass, careful washing; or scrubbed with a soft cloth and toothpaste, not flat, use a soft cloth chopstick or toothpick.
Resin shade: available fiber Duster or special Duster to clean. After cleaning should be sprayed with anti-static spray, resin material easy to produce static electricity.
Folding shade: 1.1 patiently scrub with cotton swabs dipped in water, if dirty, use neutral detergent.
Crystal beaded shade: shade made of Crystal beads and metal can be clean with neutral detergent. After cleaning, dry the surface of the water and let them dry. If the Crystal beads are put on line, best not to wet the line, use a soft cloth dampened with neutral detergent to scrub.