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02.the Method Of Glass Light Shade Ues Environment

May 19, 2020


Glass Light Shade Use The Environment

     Glass shade is not too much modification, white and chrome dotted dot pattern, heavy and white contrast to the bold, hidden a trace of passionate beauty, also true magic, unpredictable. The overall simple fashion, giving fresh comfort. Bigger: simple and generous.

Glass lampshade and PC lampshade contrast advantages and disadvantages: Now there are a lot of shade on the market, then the glass shade is good or PC shades are good, their shape can be customized according to customer needs, whether at home, or in the outdoors, are Is very beautiful, how can we choose to face these shades? Here to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of glass shade and PC shade contrast.

First, the glass shade

1. Glass products are very good light transmission, as we usually see the same glass, in the evening when the open will not have light obstacles, you can all through.

2. We all know that the bulb in the use of a long time will be hot, some bulb temperature is very high, the glass products at high temperatures and will not have any effect, you can continue to use, and there will be no The irritating smell is distributed.

3. There are a lot of plastic shade to use a long time, the surface will be yellow, affecting the brightness of light, glass products can be a good way to avoid this.

4. You can use a lot of technology for color, very beautiful.

Disadvantages: glass products are particularly easy to break, which is its only drawback.

Second, PC lampshade

PC material shade is very light, its density is less than the glass, when used is not easy to break, the import of raw materials made of shade with 5 - 10 years basically do not change color, its color is diverse, can be in a lot of bad The use of the environment, you can resist the impact of strong winds and snow, very easy to use, this product is usually used in the outdoor, in the large square, the main road, the central park, landscape lights, these are the preferred PC lampshade.

Disadvantages: This product is not flexible, completely transparent PC shade in the center of the light source caused by dazzling or dazzling string of light, but the brightness in the light source is rapidly reduced, not suitable for use at home. PC heat distortion temperature of 90 degrees, the use of PC lampshade often have to consider increasing the distance between the light source and the lamp or reduce the output power of the light source.

In the choice of lampshade must be based on their own use of the environment, so that there will be no danger and loss.