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Buy Glass Cover To Pay Attention To Detail!

Oct 21, 2016

Glass cover, it is not unusual for commodities, on the contrary, it is often to see our products, and are often visible in life. This glass covered commodities that we usually use the lid of the cooker when cooking, because the cooker usually was not simply bad, electric hot pot is often broken, so glass covered this product was born.

Glass covered commodity although it looks similar, but have a different quality, tempered glass lid is made from float glass has a number of excellent properties. Float is the production process of forming access maintenance end of the tin bath in the gas. Successive flows in molten glass from the furnace and float in the relative density of Tin on the outside, under the action of gravity and surface tension, Tin in glass surface spread, flatten, composition looks flat, hardened, cooling is on the transition rollers. Roll roll roll, take out of the tin bath into glass annealing furnace, annealing, cutting, you get flat glass products.

This floating method and other forming approach compared, its strengths is, right Yu high power making quality flat glass, as no wave reinforced, and thickness uniform, and upper and lower appearance flat, and mutual parallel, and produced line of plans not by forming approach of constraints, units commodity of energy low, products utilization high; easily scientific handle and end full now mechanized, and active of, labor produced rate high; series work cycle can up years, conducive to safe to produced, can for online produced some new type supply right conditions, as electric floating method reflection glass, and Annealing, cold spray glass disposal end appearance. Grid made of glass tempered glass lid: gefa ping Rafah, also known as gelaweiboer, also known as deep-drawing by ikenotaira Onsen Ski resort, is the Belgium people are shallow ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort improvement of Rafah.

Some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost to be replaced by ordinary glass tempered glass, even with defective products (including bubbles, uneven thickness) shoddy. This is very dangerous. Glass lid usually used in manufacturing an electric pot lid, use temperature is too high, there are air bubbles or uneven thickness of the glass cover, uneven heating, easy to burst, resulting in personal injury. Use ordinary glass instead of tempered glass, the durability is greatly reduced, broken after the diamond-shaped sharp glass, easy to scratch.

Anyway, all merchandise is a quality difference, and commodity production details also determines the quality of the goods.