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Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades High Demand

Nov 02, 2017

The use of glass lampshade, often encountered a variety of problems, encountered a problem, it is necessary to solve, and not put in there to ignore, then in the process of use, Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades glass lampshade why there are bubbles, this is because of what it! There is any reason, below let the small plait to learn with you.

I think the most obvious two points: first, fragile, there are security risks.

Second, weight is heavier than other materials and requires high base. Measures to eliminate: the use of safety glass, such as tempered or plastic, or plexiglass, Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades glass must be good quality, reliable, to avoid the defective glass explosion and other defects. Scientific design base to ensure a stable and safe fixed lampshade.

The above is the glass lampshade why there is a bubble solution, after all, glass is not plastic, or there will be fragile situation, which we can not avoid, Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades in the process of use, will inevitably encounter bumps, or accidentally bumped into, it is possible to encounter.

In a short time and a small space, Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades energy is transformed from one form to another and accompanied by a process of strong mechanical effect. The explosion of ordinary explosives is the conversion of chemical energy to mechanical energies; nuclear explosions are the conversion of the energetic power of the nucleus reaction to the mechanical energy. At this point, a large amount of heat will accumulate in a short period of time, so that the volume of the gas expands rapidly, causing an explosion.

A candle is a daily lighting tool, made of paraffin wax, which burns out light. In addition, Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades candles in birthday parties, religious festivals, collective mourning, funerals and other activities also have important uses. In literary and artistic works, candles have the symbolic meaning of sacrifice and devotion.

Now, the glass lampshade with the right stripe is essentially the combination of the lens and the prism, which has the effect of dispersing the light refraction to the desired direction. Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades So when the car is fitted with such a lampshade, the headlights can illuminate a large area of the car's forward direction evenly and gently. At the same time, the lamp lampshade is specially designed so that a small part of the light refraction slightly upward and on both sides, in order to illuminate road signs and signs and so on.

Although the direct light is very bright, but if the car headlamps are such a design, although can see the front, but because the middle of the light is too strong, Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades the view of the roadside is not clear, which is very detrimental to the safety of the driving. Therefore, the lamp lampshade is now the design of the stripes, so the purpose is to make the direct light can change, better scattering, refraction to the front

But the design of the stripes is not an overnight, the improvement of the design is from the sanding bulb, through the astigmatism to weaken the glare of the lighting effect, so that the driver can well distinguish the surrounding environment, such as left or right branch, Forest Yin Tree, road edge and so on. Later, Centrifugal Glass Lamp Shades someone used a glass lampshade instead of a frosted bulb. However, the astigmatism of the frosted bulb and the frosted lampshade is not only occurring on the side and front of the car, but also in the top, so a lot of light is wasted.