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Cleaning Method Of Glass Tea Set

Oct 21, 2016

Many people like to drink tea, but chagou are difficult to remove in the Cup, tea set long the inner wall of a chagou, containing iron, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and other metal material. Their tea into the body, proteins, fats and vitamins and other nutrients in food compounds, insoluble precipitates, impede the absorption of nutrients. Meanwhile, the oxide into the body will cause the nervous, digestive and urinary tract diseases and disorders of hematopoietic system, especially arsenic, cadmium can cause cancer, causing fetal abnormalities, a health hazard. So have the habit of tea drinking, should be regularly cleaned the tea within the walls of chagou. In order to let you no longer thing nerve-racking introduces several chagou of the following methods: (1) get rid of metal on the tea chagou, when using a metal tea will become dark because of chagou, such as medium-cleaner to wash off, use vinegar soak, or soaked with bleach can easily scale.
(2) remove chagou on the Cup or teapot, Teacup, teapot with long, composed of many chagou, sponge-salt rub, can easily be removed.
(3) except for small chagou can be soaked in solution of bleach or cleaning powder, and place one night, you can get rid of chagou.
(4) the available toothpaste or broken egg shells scrub, rinse again with clean water.