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Condenser Pipe Classification

Sep 08, 2017

Condenser pipe is a kind of used for condensing effect of laboratory equipment, condensation or backflow effect, usually by a mile outside the two glass tubes, and the smaller glass tube through the large glass tube.

Purpose: used for distillation or organic preparation, condensation or reflux. Reflux and distillation are two experimental devices that are often used in condensing tubes.

Use range: the temperature of the steam is greater than 140 degrees Celsius, the air condensing tube is used, the temperature is less than 140 degrees centigrade, and the straight condenser tube is used.

The condensing tube is usually used in a flask intended to do the experiment on the reflux condition or to collect the retort on a condensed liquid. The condensation of the vapor occurs in the inner wall of the tube. The enclosed space is the function of absorbing the heat and removing the heat from the water area. There is usually a high water pressure in the inlet. In order to prevent the pipe from falling off, the plastic tube should be fastened with the tube bundle. When used in the reflux state, the tube of the lower end of the condenser is inserted into a rubber plug that can be inserted into the flask to hold the vapors that evaporate in the flask.


Reflux condenser tube

Of volatile liquid reactant, in order to avoid loss of reactants and make full use of raw materials, to reflux device in generator design, make the material by gas recovery for liquid after through condensation, and back flow and collection. The laboratory can be implemented by installing long glass tubes or condensing backflow pipes in the generator

A straight condenser tube

A straight glass tube composed of both internal and external combinations, which is used to steam the steam temperature less than 140 degrees, shall not be used for reflux. There are joint pipe joints on the upper and lower sides of the outer tube for outlet and inlet. How to use: when used, connect the lower end of the connection to the faucet, as the inlet nozzle. Because of the lower water temperature at the inlet, the water is heated by the steam and the temperature is higher. The lower density of the warmer water will automatically flow to the upper reaches, which will help the cooling water circulation.

Air condenser tube

Air condenser pipe and straight type steam condenser pipe is mainly used at the time of the product (including distillation and fractional distillation), when boiling point distillation of more than 140 degrees Celsius, the use of air condenser pipe, general lest straight shape condenser pipe is cooled lead to great difference in temperature of glass and burst.

Spherical condenser tube

The inner tube is connected to a number of glass spheres and used for organic preparation of reflux, which can be applied to liquids at various boiling points.

After long use, the rust in the septum can be washed with hydrochloric acid. Disadvantages: after condensation, the liquid is easy to get stuck in the glass bulb. Because the inlet water pressure is high so the rubber tube is easy to fall off, use wire to tie.

A serpentine condenser tube

Used for organic preparation of reflux, suitable for low boiling liquid.

Double - plug condenser tube

The cone diameter of the grinding plug is different with two grinding plugs. The cone diameter can be easily chosen at the inspection time, and a top two.