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Condenser Pipe Exchange Principle

Jun 27, 2017

Condenser tube is a laboratory equipment used to promote condensation, usually composed of two glass tubes, one of the smaller glass tube through the larger glass tube. Condenser Pipe It is the use of heat exchange principle to condensate gas cooling condensed into a liquid glass instrument. Straight, spherical, Condenser Pipe serpentine three, specifications to length (mm) that there are 150 to 350 kinds.

The inside of the inner tube of the condenser tube has a split port which can be connected to other equipment of the experimental device so that the hot gas or liquid flows through the inner tube and condense. The outer tube usually has an upper opening on both sides, Condenser Pipe connecting the plastic tube carrying the cooling material (such as water). When used, the lower opening of the outer tube is usually connected to the faucet, Condenser Pipe because the water in the condenser will encounter heat and automatically flow to the top, to achieve greater cooling effect.

Straight condenser tube

From the combination of internal and external straight glass tube, used for distillation operation steam temperature is less than 140 degrees, can not be used for reflow. In the upper and lower sides of the outer tube were connected pipe joints, for the outlet and the inlet. How to use: When used, will be connected to the lower end of the plastic pipe connected to the faucet, as a water inlet. Condenser Pipe Because the water temperature at the inlet is low and the water is heated by the steam, the temperature is higher; the hot water decreases automatically due to the density, which helps to circulate the cooling water.

Air condensing tube

Air condensing tube and straight-shaped condensing tube are mainly used to distill off the product (including distillation and fractionation), Condenser Pipe when the distillation boiling point of more than 140 degrees Celsius, the general use of air condensing tube, so as to avoid straightening condenser cooling water led to a large glass temperature difference Burst.

Spherical condenser

The inner tube is connected to a number of glass balls for the preparation of organic reflux, suitable for a variety of boiling point of the liquid.

Long-term use, the sleeves of the rust can be washed with hydrochloric acid. Disadvantages: condensed liquid after solidification easy to stuck in the glass ball. Condenser Pipe As the water pressure is high so the hose is easy to fall off, the use of wire tied.

(1) to extend the heat exchange time, Condenser Pipe so that the heat can be more fully. (2) high temperature water density than the bottom of the water is small, cold water if the bottom up, condensation The water may be due to the following density is small, there is an upward trend, Condenser Pipe and pouring cooling water in the tube to form turbulence, is very conducive to the effective heat transfer, Condenser Pipe and the condensate tube due to uneven heat caused by condensation tube burst.