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Condenser Pipe Reflux Effect

Jun 14, 2017

Used in distilling liquids or organic card to condense or recycle.

Scope of Use: steam temperature is greater than 140 degrees Celsius, Condenser Pipe with air condensation tube, temperature is less than 140 degrees Celsius, with a straight-shaped condenser tube.

The condenser is usually used on a flask that is intended to be tested in a reflux condition, or a distillation bottle to collect condensed liquid. Condenser Pipe Vapor condensation occurs on the inner wall of the inner tube. The inner and outer tube's space is the function of absorbing steam heat and removing the heat from the water area. There is usually a higher water pressure at the inlet, Condenser Pipe in order to prevent the water pipe from falling off, the plastic pipe should be tied tightly with the bundle. When used in the reflux state, Condenser Pipe the lower end of the condenser tube is inserted into a rubber stopper so that it can be plugged into the burning bottle and the vapor is evaporated in the flask.

Reflux Condensate tube: In order to avoid the loss of reactant and make full use of the material, Condenser Pipe the condensate backflow device should be designed in the occurrence device so that the substance can be recovered into liquid by condensation and collected by gas. The laboratory can be achieved by installing a long glass tube or a condensate reflux tube in the generator.

Straight-shaped condenser tube

The internal and external combination of straight glass tube composition, used for distillation operation steam temperature is less than 140 degrees, not for backflow. The upper and lower sides of the outer tube are respectively connected with the fitting, which is used as inlet and outlet. Usage: When used, Condenser Pipe the connecting port of the lower end is connected with a plastic pipe to connect the faucet as an inlet. Because the water temperature is low at the inlet, the temperature is higher, Condenser Pipe and the hotter water will automatically go high because of the lower density, which helps the cooling water cycle.

Spherical Condenser Tube

The inner tube is connected with a plurality of glass spheres for organic preparation of reflux and is suitable for liquids of various boiling points.

After long-term use, the rust in the compartment can be washed with hydrochloric acid. Disadvantages: Condensed Liquid after solidification is easy

Stuck in a glass ball. Because the water pressure is high, the hose is easy to fall off, use wire to tie.

Serpentine Condensate Tube

For organic preparation of reflux, Condenser Pipe suitable for lower boiling liquids.

The cooling water in the condenser has two advantages. (1) Prolong the heat exchange time so that the heat can be fuller.

(2) The water density of high temperature is smaller than that of the bottom temperature, if the cold water from the bottom, condensate may be due to lower density, there is a rising trend, and the inverted cooling water in the tube to form turbulence, very detrimental to heat transfer effectively, Condenser Pipe and the condensate tube will cause the condensation tube burst. General distillation steam always maintain 100 degrees Celsius, do not need timely temperature control, so do not need to use a thermometer.