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Condenser Pipe Use Range

Oct 24, 2017

A condenser tube is a laboratory device used to act as a condensing agent, consisting of condensing or reflowing, usually consisting of two glass tubes, one of the smaller glass tubes, through which the smaller glass tube runs through the larger glass tube.

The inside of the inner tube of the condenser tube has a split port which can be connected to other equipment of the experimental device to allow the hot gas or liquid to flow through the inner tube and condense. The outer tube usually has an upper opening on both sides, connecting the plastic tube carrying the cooling material (such as water). When used, the lower opening of the outer tube is usually connected to the faucet, because the water in the condenser will encounter heat and automatically flow to the top, to achieve greater cooling effect


Used in the distillation of liquid or organic preparation, from the condensation or reflux. Reflow devices and distillation are two experimental devices that are often used in condensing tubes.

Use: steam temperature is greater than 140 degrees Celsius, with air condenser, the temperature is less than 140 degrees Celsius, with straight condenser.

Condensate tubes are usually used on flasks that are to be tested in a refluxing condition or when collecting condensed liquids. The condensation of the vapor takes place on the inner wall of the inner tube. Inside and outside the tube is surrounded by the space for the water area to absorb the heat of steam and the heat removed function. The inlet is usually a higher water pressure, in order to prevent the water pipe off, the plastic pipe should be tightened tied. When used in a reflow state, the lower end of the condenser tube is inserted into a rubber stopper so that it can be inserted into the mouth of the flask and the vapor evaporated in the flask.

Condensed water from the mouth into the mouth is to make cold water and hot water vapor contact area, contact time is long. If the condensate is from the mouth into the mouth, the water under the action of gravity along the wall suddenly ran out, almost no heat exchange with the steam; and from the mouth into the mouth, then the condensate is slowly filled with condensate , So that cold water can stay in the longest time in the condenser, while cold and hot air heat exchange is mainly through the condenser wall, the condenser is full of water, heat exchange efficiency is relatively high.