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Glass Cleaning Tips

Oct 21, 2016

1. fine sand: paint the walls window stick on some lime water, to eliminate these tumor traces of lime, if scrubbing with water in General is difficult. Therefore, in order to use wet cloth moistened with some fine sand to scrub Windows, glass can easily be washed clean.
2. kerosene + chalk dust: dropping kerosene on the glass or coated with chalk and gypsum dipped in water to dry on the glass, wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, glass is clean and bright.
3. toothpaste: glass furniture for too long will be black, fine cloth apply toothpaste to clean, you can return the glass to clean it.
4. protein water: fresh egg water after washing, a protein can be mixed with water solution, it stops the glass cleaning, will also increase.
5. kerosene or white wine: window glass have monuments or when stained with traces of oil, kerosene or wet cloth dripping a little liquor, gently wipe glass will soon be shining bright.
6. vinegar: If you paint or dirt on the glass, you can put some vinegar in the following, to soften, then wipe with a clean cloth.
7. old newspaper: wipe clean with a slightly humid old newspapers. Wipe is best when a vertical wipe, wipe around the other side, so easy to wipe *12* found.
8. alcohol: Rinse again with warm water, then wipe with a damp cloth moistened with a little alcohol, glass will be particularly bright.