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Glass Jar Looking To The Future

Jun 27, 2017

Glass Jar From historical experience in the review and sum up the history, in the history of history can be expected in the future. Glass Jar The glass industry is experiencing an unprecedented opportunity for development, but also suffered an unprecedented development dilemma, the rational use of resources, Glass Jar energy saving and environmental protection is the theme of future research and development.

The origin of the "two mixed theories": an international conference of the glass industry was held in the early 1950s, at which an engineer presented the famous argument of "two mixers". Glass Jar That is, in the glass manufacturing process to go through two mixing, Glass Jar one ingredient in the process of powder solid mixing of the importance of 70%; Second, the mixing process of liquid mixing its importance accounted for 30%. Glass Jar Because, the high temperature of the glass liquid, is still very thick, not as people imagine it easy to homogenize; and in the room temperature of the powder, it is easier to mix evenly. Glass Jar The arguments of the two mixers sparked memories of the glassmakers and engineers. "At that time machinery and electronics were already at a high level, Glass Jar and the electromechanical batch production line came into being in the 1950s , Glass Jar And soon to promote in the country.The international conference is to promote the world glass industry by leaps and bounds of an important meeting, but also people know the glass manufacturing process on a major leap in the history of international glass manufacturing history has a milestone significance The

1. people before the start to the target, Glass Jar the first full understanding and good ideas is very important, the backwardness of products and technologies from the understanding and philosophy of backwardness;

2. From the current point of view, most of the glass business on the composition of raw materials, particle size, moisture control has not been given enough attention, Glass Jar is still subject to the constraints of raw material suppliers, is one of the bottlenecks to create high-quality glass products;

3. At the same time do not pay attention to the process of links and details of the technical research and take measures to design and manufacture of glass kilns still remain in the stage of personal heroism, a variety of "four new technology" has not been fully applied, such as furnace structure optimization design , Material applications, insulation, bubbling, electric flux, endoscopic monitoring, emissions processing, Glass Jar waste heat utilization, automation and control;

4. At present, there is no perfect modern large-scale glass furnace model for learning and reference, but also one of the bottlenecks to create high-quality glass

5. Standardization is very weak, national standards, industry standards, corporate standards and norms are still behind the times. Technical progress standards to be the first, the standard behind is to hinder the development of the bottleneck.

1. Reasonable cost planning, reasonable choice and matching refractory materials and insulation materials;

2. With 6 to 8 years of kiln design;

3. Advanced structural design and its application of mature experience;

4. Low consumption of glass liquid, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection to achieve the leading level;

Application of "four new technology" full and realize the computer automation control, "four new technology" is the new technology, new technology, new equipment, new materials, such as bubbling, oxygen burning, electric flux, endoscopic monitoring, And coloring, energy saving and environmental protection technology;

7. Glass quality is excellent, Glass Jar the product qualified rate is high, close to the international level;

8. Application of clean energy and complex energy sources, such as natural gas, coal and natural gas and auxiliary heating, after all kinds of treatment of flue gas, Glass Jar dust and water treatment to meet national standards;

9. The advanced nature, Glass Jar feasibility and rationality of the glass kiln are recognized by the industry and can be used as a model kiln for large area.