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Glass Jar Strictly Sealed

May 31, 2017

Glass Jar This article is strictly sealed, Glass Jar the principle is: Inside is a vacuum, only when the external pressure, a little gas into the entry can be opened.

Method One: Wrap the bottle with a towel to avoid injury and expose. The bottle will be parallel to the wall impact, the first can be a light and heavy temptation, generally experienced as long as the appropriate force, three, two under the mouth immediately loosened, with the hands to turn the lid, you can open this filling items.

Method Two: Directly take an iron spoon or small hammer to knock a few Tiegueb, the process of the percussion will be poured into the air, Glass Jar no longer the vacuum can easily open.

Method Three: The tank mouth faces up or sideways, at the bottom of the flap.

From the historical experience to review and summarize the history, in the summary history can look to the future. Glass industry has encountered unprecedented development opportunities, but also encountered an unprecedented development dilemma, the rational use of resources, Glass Jar energy conservation and environmental protection and quality is the subject of future research and development.

Glass manufacturing began with understanding and concept, Glass Jar finally quality and environmental protection

1. It is very important to have full knowledge and good ideas before they start to target, and the backwardness of product and technology is rooted in knowledge and idea.

2. From the current point of view, the majority of glass enterprises on raw material composition, granularity, water control has not been enough attention, still subject to the constraints of raw materials suppliers, is to make high-quality glass products, one of the bottlenecks;

3. Also does not pay attention to the process link and the detail technical research and takes the measure

The design and manufacture of glass kiln is still in the personal heroism stage, and all kinds of "four new technologies" have not been fully applied, such as optimum design of kiln structure, material application, heat preservation, bubbling, electric melting, inside peep surveillance, discharge treatment, Glass Jar waste heat utilization, automatic control, etc.

4. At present, there is not a perfect modernization of the large-scale glass kiln model for learning and reference, but also the production of high-quality glass bottleneck.

5. Standardization work is very weak, national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards and norms are still lagging behind the times. The standard of technological progress should be first, the standard backwardness is the bottleneck that hinders development.