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Glass Jar The Sense Of Display

Jul 31, 2017

In recent years, the market of glass jar packaging we see more and more appear in the market. Glass jar began in the pickles, food, cosmetics and other aspects have a new application. Glass Jar In the past, plastic bottle packaging accounted for the mainstream market.

Glass jars are considered too heavy and inconvenient to transport, Glass Jar and for glass jars, glass jar costs are too high, and there are very few manufacturers in the market using glass jars.

Glass jar packaging in the plastic bottle packaging plasticizers and a series of events, in the glass bottle packaging process, Glass Jar glass jar packaging has begun to be widely welcomed.

For the packaging of glass cans in this form, Glass Jar with the market demand for differentiated packaging, the future market demand will promote the further development of glass jar packaging.

The production process of glass jar mainly includes raw material pre-processing. The lime raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) crushed, so that the wet raw materials dry, iron-containing raw materials for iron treatment to ensure the quality of glass. Rhithers. Refunds.ithers. Refunds.itheromenulates Rh- Glass batch material in the pool kiln or pool furnace for high temperature 1550 ~ 1600 degrees, heating, so that the formation of uniform, no bubbles, and meet the molding requirements of liquid glass molding. The liquid glass into the mold made of the required shape of the glass products, such as flat, Glass Jar various utensils and other heat treatment. Through the annealing, quenching and other processes to eliminate or produce the internal stress of the glass, split or crystallization, and change the structure of the glass state. As long as it is not stored immediately need to use condiments, Glass Jar but such as flour, nuts, candy, potato chips, pickles and the like, then they are absolutely perfect weapon. You can also indicate the label on a transparent tank, and it seems to be well organized, Glass Jar but also to remind people.

Glass cans can also be used as a flower pot, as long as the collection of some soil, you can plant the green plant can be. Its transparency can make the plant have a better sense of display.

The glass cans arranged in a neat and orderly manner placed in the bathroom mirror, Glass Jar you can all kinds of goods reasonable admission. Your little pieces of things, it will not casually lost.

You can use IKEA glass cans to produce some home decorations, such as a romantic candlestick, Glass Jar a bottle of magnificent snow and so on.