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Glass Jar With Cleanliness

Jul 10, 2017

Glass steel cans and carbon steel cans are the same as container equipment, Glass Jar but glass steel cans are not steel equipment. Generally, Glass Jar resin such as epoxy resin is used as the main material, and one or more glass cloth skeleton materials are coated Paste, curing and made of the final product inside and outside the surface are resin, if there is a certain thickness, Glass Jar the device also has a certain stiffness and hardness, but its mechanical strength performance compared to the same thickness of steel to be low. However, Glass Jar due to resin acid and alkali, Glass Jar atmospheric, water and other media corrosion performance is better than carbon steel, so in water treatment, Glass Jar environmental protection, chemical industry as atmospheric pressure or lower pressure vessel, used to store water medium with clean, Rust-free characteristics; storage of corrosive liquid medium depends on the type of corrosion resistance of the resin, not all of the acid can be stored. Carbon steel cans are more familiar with, generally with 10, 20, 16Mn, Glass Jar 20g and other carbon steel materials, used as atmospheric pressure, Glass Jar low pressure, high pressure vessels, widely used in various industrial fields, generally according to pressure requirements Wall thickness calculation, the use of coiling and welding production, due to carbon steel in the atmosphere, water, Glass Jar chemical medium will be corroded rust, used in containers should be considered anti-corrosion measures to calculate the wall thickness according to the use of increased corrosion margin , The outer surface of the paint with paint and other general anti-corrosion. In addition, Glass Jar the use of the temperature range, the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic tank by the resin performance limitations, generally the majority of room temperature equipment, Glass Jar carbon steel can use a wide temperature range, if the use of low temperature steel or high temperature steel can be used in specific Of the low temperature or high temperature conditions to withstand the pressure medium. Glass Jar In the weight of the equipment, the proportion of carbon steel is higher, Glass Jar the proportion of glass fiber only carbon steel 1/3 to 1/4, so the glass steel tank weight is relatively light.