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Glass Light Shade For Processing

Jun 14, 2017

All along, Glass Light Shade led filament lamp to pass the United States UL certification is the most important two major problems: first, the lamp will be broken after the lamp to be extinguished; The first problem can be dealt with on the power supply, but the second problem many manufacturers have different solutions, also can not effectively guarantee the success rate of certification. July 24, Glass Light Shade China Test testing Shenzhen Safety regulation Laboratory UL Senior Engineer He Weisong from the angle of UL certification for everyone to answer the LED filament lamp glass lampshade certification need to pay attention to the problems and points.

United States UL certification requirements LED filament lamp glass lampshade can not rupture, or the rupture is very small, test finger contact without danger. Glass Light Shade To solve the problem that the glass lampshade of LED filament lamp falls apart, at present, led manufacturers more common solution is, inside or outside the glass cover with some plastic, glass glue or silica gel, the glass to pull, increase strength, so that the glass in the fall will not break, so that the finger contact will not be dangerous.

But this solution will face the problem of glue not being certified. How does this situation solve the problem of certification? One condition is that the UL will measure the thickness of the material, RTI, and actual samples of the control side. If the coating (glue) has certification, Glass Light Shade it is necessary to control the glue manufacturers and enterprise number, written in the report. If the coating is not certified, a random test is needed to identify the material. This kind of test in the domestic relatively less do, generally send to Taiwan to do. A yearly Fus test is also required to verify that the material cost has not changed.

Another is the LED filament lampshade can also be used for the UL certification of the way, is the first half of UL also updated a standard. Glass Light Shade It is acceptable to break down the glass lampshade of the LED filament lamp, but the clear requirement and stipulation for the area and size of the broken glass.

The first step is to provide three samples for drop testing, and then specify that the area of the glass bulb falling after the drop test is more than 75% the size of the box in the type shown in the following figure. That is to say, the area of the glass lampshade is required to take up 75% of the area of the luminaire other than the lamp holder (glass lampshade + other accessories), rather than the 75% of the glass shade area we understand. And it needs tagging. This is to avoid the fragmentation of the security risks. Glass Light Shade To achieve the above requirements to pass UL certification.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between glass lampshade and PC Lampshade: Now the market has a lot of lampshade, then the glass lampshade is good or PC lampshade, their shape can be customized according to customer needs, whether it is in the home, or in the outdoors, Glass Light Shade are very beautiful, the face of these lampshade how do we choose? Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of glass lampshade and PC lampshade.

1. The transparency of glass products is very good, as we usually see the glass, in the evening when the light is not obstructed, you can all through.

2. We all know that the bulb will be hot after a long time, some of the bulb temperature is very high, glass products in the high temperature will not have any effect, can continue to use, Glass Light Shade and there will be no irritant odor emitted.

3. A lot of plastic lampshade used for a long time, the surface will be yellow, affecting the brightness of the light, glass products can be very good to avoid this.

4. Can be painted with a lot of technology, very beautiful.