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Glass Light Shade Increased Strength

Jul 31, 2017

All along, the LED filament lamp through the United States UL certification is mainly facing two major problems: First, after the lamps broke the lamps to be extinguished; Second, Glass Light Shade the glass shell can not be broken into pieces, can only be broken into the end, to avoid the human body hurt. The first problem can be handled on the power supply, but the second problem many manufacturers of different solutions, Glass Light Shade can not effectively guarantee the success rate of certification through. July 24, Glass Light Shade China test test Shenzhen Safety Laboratory UL senior engineer He Weisong from the UL certification point of view for everyone to answer the LED filament lamp glass lamp cover certification need to pay attention to the problems and points.

US UL certification requirements LED filament glass lamp cover can not be broken, or rupture is very small, test finger contact without danger. In order to solve the problem of LED filament glass lamp shade broken, the current LED manufacturers more common solution is in the glass inside or outside the plus some glue, glass glue or silicone, the glass to pull, increase the strength of the glass in the Fall will not break, Glass Light Shade so that finger contact will not be dangerous.

But this solution will face the problem of no certification of glue. How can this situation solve the problem of certification? One situation is that UL will measure the thickness of the material, RTI, and the actual sample of the control. If the coating (glue) is certified, it is necessary to control the glue manufacturers and business numbers, written in the report inside. If the coating is not certified, Glass Light Shade you need to do some random testing to identify the material composition. This test is less in the country to do, generally sent to Taiwan to do. But also through the annual FUS test to verify the material cost has not changed.

The other is the LED filament lampshade rupture can also be UL certification way, Glass Light Shade that is, the first half of the UL there is a new standard. The glass shade of the LED filament lamp is broken after the break is acceptable, but the clear requirements and regulations for the area and size of the glass break.

First, three samples are required to carry out the drop test, and then the drop test of the lamp glass is broken after the area needs to be larger than 75% of the area of the bulb. Glass Light Shade In other words, the area required to damage the glass shade is 75% of the area of the lamp (other than the lamp cover) other than the lamp, rather than 75% of the area we know. But also need to be labeled. This is to avoid broken into a sheet of the existence of security risks. To meet the above requirements to pass UL certification.