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Glass Light Shade Lighting Mode

May 31, 2017

Glass Light Shade The front lamp lampshade of the car is a part of the rugged glass with stripes, which gives a feeling of a little fluid in the visual and tactile sense. Why use this design? Glass Light Shade In the dark of night, you might as well turn on the flashlight to observe that its beam is narrow and straight. Glass Light Shade This is of course useful for passers-by at night, but there is a huge hidden danger in the lighting of a of speeding cars.

The human eye has the light latitude, narrow and the boundary clear beam, although can make the person to see the front, but the roadside everything can not be seen, this gives the vehicle to observe the road condition to bring the extremely difficulty when driving. In addition, Bright place, Glass Light Shade dark black one such a dark bright contrast, but also will make the driver dazzled, especially in the car shaking or shaking, because the light is constantly changing rapidly, the vision is easy to fatigue. Therefore, the vehicle headlights can not be simply adopted in this way of lighting.

Old-fashioned car headlights, first directly using a sanding bulb, through the increase in the degree of astigmatism to weaken the glare of the lighting effect, Glass Light Shade so that the driver can well distinguish the surrounding environment, such as left or right branch, Forest Yin Tree, road edge and so on. Later, another person used a frosted lamp, similar to the degree of astigmatism, to replace the sanding bulb. However, the astigmatism of the sanding bulb and the glass is not only occurring on the side and front of the car, but also in the top, so there is a lot of light wasted.

and using the light glass with the stripes, Glass Light Shade you can overcome these shortcomings. The astigmatism glass is essentially a combination of a lens and a prism, which has the effect of scattering light to the desired direction. So when a modern car is fitted with such a lamp, the headlights of the car can gently illuminate its way forward and the roadside landscape. In addition, the light glass can also make a small part of it refraction slightly upward and on both sides, in order to illuminate road signs and milestones. In addition, the increase in stripes can also increase the firmness of the lampshade, not easily broken.