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Glass Light Shade Overall Simple Fashion

Sep 27, 2017

Glass lampshade and PC lampshade contrast advantages and disadvantages: Now there are a lot of shade on the market, Glass Light Shade then the glass shade is good or PC shades are good, their shape can be customized according to customer needs, whether at home, or in the outdoors, are Is very beautiful, Glass Light Shade how can we choose to face these shades? Here to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of glass shade and PC shade contrast.

1. Glass products are very good light transmission, Glass Light Shade as we usually see the same glass, in the evening when the open will not have light obstacles, you can all through.

2. We all know that the bulb in the use of a long time will be hot, some bulb temperature is very high, the glass products at high temperatures and will not have any effect, Glass Light Shade you can continue to use, and there will be no The irritating smell is distributed.

3. There are a lot of plastic shade to use a long time, Glass Light Shade the surface will be yellow, affecting the brightness of light, glass products can be a good way to avoid this.

4. You can use a lot of technology for color, very beautiful.

Led lamps are now very popular lamps, a lot of people in the choice of lamps will be considered when the choice of led lamps, and led glass shade is a led lamp shade, the main material is used glass, Glass Light Shade glass is now very good interior Material, then led glass shade in the end how? Here we take you simply to understand how the next led glass shade and the use of precautions.

Led glass shade is now many people like to choose the shade, glass shade is not too much modification, we generally see the led glass shade are white and chrome these two colors dotted dot pattern, re-color and white and then Bold contrast, in the hidden a trace of passionate beauty, generous, Glass Light Shade gives true and false, unpredictable feeling. And the overall simple fashion, can give people fresh comfort. And led glass shade with good light transmission, high no gas to play, not pan, weatherability, high transmittance advantages, can be used inside and outside the coating, matte, vacuum coating, matte aluminum, electrostatic spraying, Glass Light Shade coloring and other coloring process. Suitable for interior decoration, lighting with lights. Now the high-end LED indoor lighting have been used glass lampshade.

1) First of all, if we are in the process, the sudden increase in power supply voltage, so that the power supply voltage suddenly rose a lot of reasons, such as power quality problems, Glass Light Shade as well as our daily use of the voltage caused by improper Sudden increase in the phenomenon.

2) Second, the LED power supply circuit of the local short circuit, Glass Light Shade usually due to a line in the circuit or printed wiring or other short circuit to make this place the voltage increases, and then a LED because of their own quality damage and thus short circuit, Its original voltage drop is passed on to other LEDs. There is a bad light is not good. The temperature inside the lamp is too high, Glass Light Shade so that the characteristics of LED deterioration.

3) Finally, the inside of the lamp into the water, the water is conductive, which led to the lighting line short circuit, when the assembly did not do anti-static work, so that the internal LED has been static damage.