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Glass Light Shade Process Is Beautiful

Oct 13, 2017

The glass chimney does not have too much modification, white and chroma color of dot pattern, the bold contrast between heavy color and white base, concealed a bit of amorous beauty, also true also magic, capricious. Whole contracted vogue, give a person pure and fresh comfortable feeling. Big: simple and generous.

Glass lamp shade compared with the advantages and disadvantages of PC lampshade: now there are a lot of chimney, then is good and good PC lampshade, lamp glass their shape can be customized according to customer's needs, whether it is used in the home, or in the outdoors, is very beautiful, in the face of these lamps we how should choice? The advantages and disadvantages of the glass lamp shade and the PC lampshade are described below.

Glass lampshade

1. The glassy product is very good, just like the glass we normally see, it will not be obstructed by light when it comes in at night, and it can be passed all through.

2. We all know that the light bulb will be hot after using for a long time, some of the light bulb temperature is very high, the glass products at high temperatures is not what is the effect, can continue to use, and there is no irritating smell.

3. There are many plastic lampshades that are used for a long time, the surface will be yellowed, affecting the brightness of the light, the glass products can be very good to avoid this point.

4. It can be colored with a lot of process, very beautiful.

Cons: glass products are especially vulnerable to breakage, which is also its only drawback.

Ii. PC lamp shade

PC material of chimney is very light, its density is less than the glass, not easily broken, when using imported raw materials into the chimney with 5-10 years basic don't change color, the color of it is diverse, can be used in a lot of bad environment, can resist the impact of the strong wind and snow and ice, is very good, this kind of product is usually used in outdoor, in the center of the large square, main road, park, landscape lamp, these are all can first PC lampshade.

Weakness: the flexibility of this product is not good, completely transparent PC lampshade can cause dazzling in the center of the light source or the string of dazzling light, brightness in the light source is rapidly reduced, however, is not suitable for use in the home. PC thermal deformation temperature of 90 degrees, the use of PC lamp cover often must consider increasing the distance of the light source and lamp cover or reducing the output power of the light source.

Be sure to use the environment you use when choosing lamp shade, so that there is no danger and loss.