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Glass Light Shade Species

Aug 25, 2017

Glass lampshade is mainly used for energy-saving lamps, the type of according to the process points are: powder lampshade, frosted lampshade, evaporation lampshade and so on. According to the shape can be divided into cylindrical, candle type, spherical, heterosexual and so on.

Painted milky white shade can be more energy efficient lighting, more gentle. Frosted glass shade shape hazy, commonly used in decoration. The lamp shade is used for reflection.

Lighting shade of the process

Blowing technology is the use of glass in a certain temperature range with the plasticity of the characteristics of the use of hollow iron rod from the furnace to pick out the frit, a person blowing at one end, the other end of the glass frit was blown into a spherical shape. At this time can be through scissors, molds and other tools to plastic. Blowing operations usually require several people to work together.

Although the blowing technology can reflect the distinctive personality, but largely rely on chance, the limitations are quite obvious. As a result, more artists turned their attention to the combination of blowing technology and other technologies.

1, take material

Pick up a good preheat blowing tube, deep 1300 degrees crucible furnace, not greedy, not too few. Just a group of hot glass, with heat attached to the blown tube, sunglasses, scarves, heavily armed, ready to turn your blow pipe, over and over again.


2. Molding

The material will be taken into the mold, luck, through the iron pipe will be blowing into the glass, out.

3. Edging

High-quality glass edge of the hand feels will not cut the hand, of course, because of the increase in the process, the price of the product is not the same, because the loss of this process is great.

4. Annealing

Glass can not let its natural cooling, because its surface by the air cooling and contraction, the internal but because of the heat and expansion, rapid cooling will lead to uneven pressure and cracking.