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Glass Light Shade Very Good

Aug 08, 2017

Glass shade and PC shade advantages and disadvantages of comparison: Now there are a lot of lampshade on the market, then the glass shade is good or PC shades are good, their shape can be customized according to customer needs, Glass Light Shade whether at home, or in the outdoors, are Is very beautiful, how can we choose to face these shades? Here to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of glass shade and PC shade comparison.

1. Glass products are very good light transmission, as we usually see the same glass, in the evening when the open will not have light obstacles, you can all through.

2. We all know that the bulb in the use of a long time will be hot, Glass Light Shade some bulb temperature is very high, the glass products at high temperatures and will not have any effect, you can continue to use, and nothing Irritating smell spread out.

3. There are a lot of plastic shade to use a long time, the surface will be yellow, Glass Light Shade affecting the brightness of light, glass products can be very good to avoid this.

4. You can use a lot of technology for color, very beautiful. Glass shade with good light transmission, high temperature no gas to play, not yellowing and so on. With the rapid development of Chinese architectural lighting in recent years, with the plexiglass acrylic extrusion board made of light,Glass Light Shade with the overall structure of high strength, light weight, high transmittance, high safety performance and other special advantages, and inorganic glass lighting Compared to the comparison, with great advantages.

Plexiglass transparent with glass compared to the transparent light rate, but the density of only half of the glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as the glass, even if the damage does not like the glass as the formation of sharp debris. Wear resistance and aluminum close to it from time to time resistant to a variety of chemical corrosion. With good printability and spray coating, the use of appropriate printing and spraying process, Glass Light Shade but also a good choice for glass shade material.

Led glass shade is now a lot of people like to choose the shade, glass shade is not too much modification, we generally see the led glass shade are white and chrome these two colors dotted dot pattern, Glass Light Shade re-color and white and then Bold contrast, in the hidden a trace of passionate beauty, generous, gives true and fantastic, unpredictable feeling. And the overall simple fashion, can give people fresh comfort. And led glass shade with good light transmission, high no gas to play, not pan, weatherability, high transmittance advantages, Glass Light Shade can be used inside and outside the coating, matte, vacuum coating, matte aluminum, Glass Light Shade electrostatic spraying, coloring and other coloring process. Suitable for interior decoration, lighting with lights. Glass Light Shade Now the high-end LED indoor lighting have been used glass lampshade.