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Glass Tea Has So Many Benefits

Oct 21, 2016

Glass tea set transparent and bright, with a glass tea, tea also can enjoy the aesthetic in tea in tea form, glass tea so more and more people of all ages.
Glass tea has many benefits:
1, glass tea is cooling fast, conducive to the control of water temperature, keep the original flavor characteristics of tea;
2, on all kinds of glass, glass is the most healthy. Glass tea set with heat-resistant borosilicate glass blown into, in the firing process do not contain organic chemicals, when people with a glass of water or other drinks when, without fear of chemicals will be drinking in the stomach.
3, glass smooth surface, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt is not easy in the glass-walled breeding.
4, many glass tea sets, the most common is the Cup. Use cups to BREW tea, tea, tea's position, there are ups and downs in the brewing of tea drifts, sweeping, panoramic view. Therefore, all kinds of delicate glass in high-quality tea cups to BREW, is very value.
Glass tea set is mainly suitable for bubble tea: grass, flowers, black tea, green tea, Pu-Erh tea, fruit tea, tea and crafts tea and coffee series, high entertainment and fun. If you like to enjoy tea for brewing tea, tea's position, there are ups and downs in the brewing of tea drift scene, glass tea set is the best choice for you.