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Glasses Purchasing Methods

Oct 21, 2016

1, whiteness: no significant color on glass requirements specified. 

2, bubble: allowing certain widths, a length of bubbles there is a certain amount, and steel needle air bubbles are not allowed. Glass Glass 

3, transparent lumps: refers to the uneven melting of the vitreous, the capacity is less than 142L glass, length is not more than 1.0mm of no more than one; the capacity for 142~284mL glass, length is not greater than 1.5mm are not more than one body 1/3 the transparency of the pimple is not allowed. 4, mixed grain: refers to the opacity of particulate debris, length is not more than 0.

5mm, not more than 1. Cup Round 5,: a cup isn't round, its maximum diameter and minimum diameter difference is not greater than 0.7~1.0mm.

6, stripes: 300mm visually obvious is not allowed. 

7, a cup of low discrepancy in height (low oblique Cup height): a glass cup are the highest with the lowest height difference is not more than 1.0~1.5mm. 

8, glass thickness difference: not more than 0.5~0.8mm. 

9, cutting prints: stripes or a centipede-like cut marks, length is not more than 20~25mm, width of not more than 2.0mm less than 1, over the bottom, white or shiny, more than 3mm are not allowed. 

10, printed: Bowl record printed from the game lines, head-clearly not allowed. 

11, suction cup are flat: a cup are rugged, head-clearly not allowed. 

12, wiping hair and scratches: clean the friction of the glass with the diameter of the glass, glass, leaving traces of tarnish, obviously not allowed. Scratches glass collide, scars on the body surface, shining is not allowed.