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My First Day Of Internship

Dec 27, 2017

Before I joined Jingxin, my entire understanding towards foreign trades is plain and abstract. I learned Econ and Marketing courses in the university, however; mere knowledge from books won't help me to work in the Business industry. Therefore, I treated this opportunity of practicing and applying my knowledge to actual work valuable. Fortunately, Jingxin doesn't let me down.

My internship is a salesman. I only grabbed a glimpse of the whole sale process  through hundreds of past e-mails between my colleagues and clients. Like the rest services occupations in the world, foreign business requires enthusiastic and timely reply to customers' enquiries (or broadly speaking, the RFQ-request for quotation). The better first impression you leave to the customer, the more likely the trade will succeed. In addition, I learned how to reply a polite and effective enquiry while promoting our products.

The first job I did was measuring the size of sample products and recording the data. It was not as easy as I assumed because different products needed different data. Our data has to include the max length, width and height, and the diameter of the products with holes. Afterwards, we need to take pictures of the products along with the date for the use of updating information on the website.

There is still a long way in front of me; I hope at the end of this internship, I will be able to arm myself with basic business knowledge and useful negotiation skills with clients. God bless Jingxin!