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Production Process Of Glass Bottles

Apr 13, 2017

The main raw materials of glass bottles is natural ore, quartz stone, caustic soda, limestone and so on. The glass bottle has high transparency and corrosion resistance are not changing the nature of materials in contact with most chemicals. Glass bottles as a storage material is mainly used for food, wine, cosmetics and so on.They can be used widely, so the quality requirements is also very high. In order to better molding effect, we first design and manufacture of molds, raw materials in other auxiliary accessories, after injection mold, cooling, tempering, incision, can form a perfect glass products.

the production line 

Factory workers are checking the quality of the products

Fully equipped for products

After a series of processes, all kinds of beautiful and reliable quality glass products are perfectly presented in front of us, of course, there are also cheaper products, but most of them are the manufacturers with no guarantee produced , in a process without good processing. Glass products with fragile features, there must be to ensure the quality of the points.