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The Causes Of The Rise In Price Of Glass Bottles

Apr 28, 2017

In fact, the glass industry has for many years in the sales price increases can not keep up with the pace of inflation. Part of the reason is because the domestic glass industry competition exists many unreasonable prices. However,in the long term, it is unfavorable to the development of the industry, and will eventually affect the customer itself.

On the other hand, adjust the sales price is in line with the international conventions and the laws of the market economy. But we are against inflation in the case, at the expense of product quality, reduce production safety, destroy the living environment, and even to reduce costs by improper means. If the use of such methods, will eventually jeopardize the entire industry, and even the whole society and customer groups.

Glass bottle manufacturing enterprises will need to be a more high cost to expand production capacity in the future, the new factory, which will have a negative impact on the future price of glass bottles. We want customers to be able to realize it. Should pay special attention to, it is not just the glass bottle will become more expensive, and other packaging materials, such as cans PET plastic, even more will increase the price. Customers on our industry are putting forward higher requirements, and this is what we need to invest more in technology, equipment and training to achieve, but now these inputs will become more expensive. Therefore, we believe that the price adjustment is necessary and reasonable, and this will let us spare investment in research and development of new technology to improve the quality of our products, let our industry can offer better service to our customers.If the customer is unwilling to accept the price adjustment, so the technology of the future for reinvestment, the upgrading of products and improve technical standards will be hard hit.