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Wine Cup Can Be Divided Into Three Kinds

Aug 31, 2017

The wine glasses can be roughly divided into three categories: red wine glass, white wine glass and champagne cup. All kinds of wine to use different types of glasses, in order to make wine more mellow. The function of the glass is to keep the aroma of wine, so that wine can be rotated in the cup and fully integrated with the air. Standard cup type for the big mouth of the big cup, the so-called tulip cup, so it is conducive to the aroma gathered above the cup. High reason is that you can hold the cup for hand, so that hands touch the cup and affect the wine temperature. Ancient poem: "grape wine luminous cup, want to drink pipa immediately reminder.

Vineyard, because it has a slender base and was called the goblet by the public image, but in fact, the goblet is just one of the wines. In the wine culture, the glass is an important part of its indispensable, in the Western traditional view, for the wine to choose the right cup, can help better taste wine.

Red wine cup cup at the bottom of the handle, upper body more white wine cup is more fat and generous. Mainly used for containing red wine and cocktails made with it. Burgundy red wine glass for the bottom of the wider tulip cup.

White wine cup cup at the bottom of a handle, upper body more red wine glass slender, larger curvature, but the overall height is shorter than the red wine glass. Mainly used to contain white wine. White wine cups, Burgundy white wine cups than the red wine with a slightly larger, full of full type.

Champagne Cup Tulip type, cup straight and slender, goblet.

The gorgeous wine is very elegant in playing the glass, and the wine is judged by the wine in the state of the cup to appreciate the wine. Therefore, the glass to do light, do not pick up the handle; do thin, in order to clearly see the color of wine. Different types of glasses to take into account the needs of food, can be described as their own characteristics. In general, the decisive factors that make the glass vary widely include the design of the opening and the size of the cup (the difference in the thickness of the glass cup is not great). Among them, the difference in the design of the opening determines the flow of wine inlet. We know that the tongue of the taste buds have different sensitive areas, the tongue corresponds to the sweet children, the inside of the tongue corresponds to the sour taste, the tongue is the corresponding side of the salty taste, tongue root corresponds to the bitter taste. The shape of the cup, the size of the cup determines the entrance of the wine when the first contact with the taste buds, thus affecting the taste of wine. For example, a small cup of open, in the drinking, the head is bound to go down low, the wine into the tongue of the first sensory area is the tongue, which highlights the aroma of wine and fruity sweet.

Traditional red wine glasses in the design is usually relatively large. Red wine in terms of wine or aroma are more rich, so it needs a larger wine surface (Surface) in order to make the wine aroma better play out. Narrow mouth is the classic design of the red wine cup, narrow mouth is to make the wine aroma gathered in the cup, not easy to escape, so that the full smell of wine and fruit; wide belly is to make full and air contact with the wine, before Popular glasses are small and exquisite style, fashionable big belly cup, in the hands of more magnificent magnificent. Red wine glass can be divided into two categories, namely, Bordeaux Cup and Burgundy Cup, respectively, for the two places produced by different grape varieties and design.

In the design, the white wine glass cup body slightly red wine glass to be slender, curvature larger, but the overall height is lower than the red wine glass. Because the white wine in the taste and taste to be slightly light, do not need a larger cup of belly to release the aroma of wine. According to the different varieties of grapes, white wine glasses are more common in three, Chardonnay (Chardonnay) Cup, Sauvignon (Sauvignon Blanc) Cup and Riesling (Riesling) Cup. As Sophora is refreshing, Gan Lie type of wine, so the glass cup openings and cup belly are relatively small, so that the wine will soon flow into the tongue, so that the mouth was wine and flowers and fruit wrapped, so as to dilute the acidity of the wine ; Chardonnay glasses in the openings and cup belly to be relatively large, it is full of wine, suitable for the use of round belly-shaped glass; and Riesling glass in the cup to be higher on the belly, its wine in the acidity On the slightly better, this design can slow down the speed of wine into the mouth. How to buy

Pay attention to the taste of people, often adhere to the different special cup with different flavors of wine. For those who do not want to spend a lot of trouble, only issued a standard tulip cup as a universal cup can be, the ideal cup of the widest 4.6 cm.

While the wine cups are many, in the purchase when there are common basic principles:

1, colorless and transparent;

2, the best cup no decoration, in order to watch the wine's primary colors;

3, the material should not be too thick, so as not to affect the taste when the taste.