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Wine Cup The Construction

Nov 02, 2017

The person who really loves wine, must have the experience of running with the wine-glass. Where the wine is, where the drinking is, where the cups are, Wine Cup the pleasures of the layman can never be realized, and they may even come to see you with a contemptuous gaze. In fact, it is really important to prepare a suitable and useful goblet for the sake of not letting the restaurant's cheap goblet or even tempered glass spoil a bottle of wine.

Before choosing the right glass, Wine Cup of course, you need to know the structure of the Wine Cup first. In spite of the growing variety of glass-free glasses, a suitable wine glass must usually include a cup of hypanthium, a cup handle and a cup, and a certain exposure. The cup is the key to support the entire glass, the general need to have a certain radian, in order to stabilize the cup handle is designed to facilitate the holding of cups, so as not to hold the cup belly to avoid affecting the temperature of the wine; Wine Cup In addition, the Wine cup belly is generally larger, this is to facilitate the shaking cup and increase the liquor and air contact area to release the aroma.

It is important to drink what wine to use. So if you're an entry-level enthusiast, you'll also need to know the usual types of wine cups.

Bordeaux (Bordeaux) is a wine-rich place, Wine Cup the world's many wines are similar to the Bordeaux style, so the Bordeaux Cup is very common and practical. This wine glass is a tulip goblet, can be fully released in the bouquet while locking the aroma, it is very suitable for the aroma of complex Bordeaux wine.

Burgundy (Bourgogne) is another well-known French red wine producing region, the wine is relatively light and full-bodied, so the typical Burgundy cup is generally large, Wine Cup and it is lighter than the Bordeaux Cup, and the cup is larger in diameter, which is more beneficial to the aroma of the wine.

Compared with the red wine Cup, Wine Cup the glass belly of the white wine Cup is smaller, which reduces the contact area of the wine and oxygen, slows down the aroma, and avoids the rapid recovery of the temperature.

The Champagne Cup is a glass that is suitable for all sparkling wines, the Flute Cup is narrower because of the cup belly and the cup mouth, Wine Cup so it is most suitable to observe the rich and beautiful bubbles. Because its advantage lies in the Slender cup body, this has reserved enough space for the bubble rise, therefore the sparkling wine may maintain the fine air bubbles for a long time.