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Wine Cup Type

Aug 25, 2017

As a general enthusiast, the first thing to figure out is the cup of all categories of wine.

Bordeaux red wine glass: the cup is longer, the cup is narrow, the smell of wine gathered in the cup, the curvature of the wall can adjust the direction of the wine in the mouth of the proliferation of fragrance overflowing. Bordeaux red wine glass generally also applies to other Burgundy wine outside the other old and new world wine. Because Bordeaux as a benchmark for the industry, many old and new wines are imitated Bordeaux mixed or Bordeaux style.

Burgundy red wine glass: cup body is shorter, we are known as the glass inside the short fat, but also because the cup belly fat to make the contact area of wine and air relatively large, so that the wine through the glass out of the fragrance many. Its belly cup body can also meet the first wine after the spread of the role of the tongue, so that the fruit and sour taste full of blonde, large cup mouth for the smell of the nose.

White wine glass: relative to the red wine glass its opening will be smaller, cup body and cup belly are thin, it is like a tulip to be put, but also because the white wine glass is thinner, reducing the wine and air contact , Make the aroma more lasting.

Champagne Cup / Flute Cup: The biggest feature is the cup body slender, like a slender tulip, slender cup body is to make enough bubble up space, when you enjoy a glass of champagne, you should pay attention To the standard champagne cup at the bottom of the cup there is a sharp pits, careful observation is this little design, making the bubble richer and more beautiful, as if all the small bubbles are from this small dots inside the same The

In addition to these categories, there will be Porter Cup, riesling Cup, chardonnay Cup, tempranillo Cup, Sydney Glass, Sangiovese Cup and so on. These points are too thin, and some only the wine area of local people in use, not the general consumer and enthusiasts need to understand and master the.

As ordinary lovers, and then to be clear, is to understand that we use different cups to drink the real reason for different wine. According to my personal understanding, all the glass can be divided into two categories of wine and enjoy the cup. Such as all the wines and spirits, in the professional evaluation of the time, you can use a cup type, ie iso (ISO Standard Wine Tasting Glass) wine glasses. 1974 by the French design, it will not highlight any of the characteristics of wine, direct display of the original flavor of wine, wine tasting organizations around the world recommended and adopted. No matter what kind of wine in the ISO wine glasses are equal.