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Wine Cup Various Characteristics

Nov 01, 2017

The wine glasses can be divided into three categories: red wine glass, white wine glass and champagne cup. A variety of wines to use different types of glasses, in order to make wine more mellow. The function of the glass is to keep the aroma of wine, so that wine can be rotated in the cup and fully integrated with the air. Standard cup type for the big mouth big cup, the so-called tulip cup, so it is conducive to the aroma gathered in the cup above. High reason is that you can hold the cup for hand, so that hands touch the cup and affect the wine temperature.

In the design, the white wine glass cup body slightly red wine glass to be slender, curvature larger, but the overall height is lower than the red wine glass. Because the white wine in the taste and taste to be slightly light, do not need a larger cup of belly to release the aroma of wine. According to the different varieties of grapes, white wine glasses are generally more than three, Chardonnay (Chardonnay) Cup, Sauvignon (Sauvignon Blanc) Cup and Riesling (Riesling) Cup. As Sophora is refreshing, Gan Lie type of wine, so the glass of the openings and cup belly are relatively small, so that the wine will soon flow into the tongue, so that the mouth of the wine was wrapped in wine and fruit, so as to dilute the acidity of the wine ; Chardonnay glasses in the openings and cup belly to be relatively large, it is full of wine, suitable for the use of round belly-shaped glass; and Riesling glass in the cup to be higher on the belly, its wine in the acidity On the slightly better, this design can slow down the speed of wine into the mouth.

Various characteristics

1, Bordeaux glass

Bordeaux wine glasses, as the name suggests, suitable for most of the French-made Bordeaux red wine, because Bordeaux red wine and astringent heavier, so the cup body is long and the cup wall is not very vertical tulip cup, cup wall curvature can effectively adjust the wine Liquid in the direction of the proliferation of the mouth, a wider cup can be better adapted to Bordeaux gradient of wine.

2, Burgundy wine glasses

Fruity Burgundy red wine, need to flow frequently in the mouth to taste, and the belly of the ball just to meet the wine after the first tongue after the spread of the role of fruit and sour to achieve full integration; the other inward narrowed The cup can be better cohesion Burgundy esoteric wine; and the larger cup is more suitable for the nose into the smell.

3, champagne cups

The champagne cup is suitable for all sparkling wines. The most important feature is the cup body can make the bubble enough room to rise, it is worth noting that the standard champagne cup bottom will have a sharp point, so you can make the bubble rich and beautiful. Of course, the champagne cup can also be used to taste ice wine, but the smaller cup will be the distribution of aroma distribution.

4, sweet wine glass

Small cups, and sweet postprandial wines, which include natural fermented sweet white wines and enhanced pottery, sherry and so on. Eccentric cups will be very good to gather in the tongue, the taste of the sweet play the most vividly.

5, Sauvignon Cup

The "best condition" of white wine is under low temperature conditions, so in order to prevent the temperature rise, the choice of glass mostly use small size. For example, the wine is light or medium, usually dry, and Sauvignon Blanc, the narrow cup body can reduce the wine and air contact, so that the aroma is more durable.

How to buy

Pay attention to taste of people, often adhere to the different special cup with different flavors of wine. For those who do not want to spend a lot of trouble, only issued a standard tulip cup as a universal cup can be, the ideal cup of the widest 4.6 cm.

While the wine cups are many, in the purchase when there are common basic principles:

1, colorless and transparent;

2, the best cup no decoration, in order to watch the wine's primary colors;

3, the material should not be too thick, so as not to affect the taste when the taste.